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Warning - Your Transmission May Be Failing


At Clark's Automotive, Inc in Manassas, VA, we know that transmissions are witchcraft to most people. More often than not, if major damage has occurred, it’s a lot more time and cost effective to just replace the entire unit and get a fresh start. Here’s what to look out for, from Clark's Automotive, Inc in Manassas, VA.

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Take a break and let's look at your brakes

mechanic repairing brakes

Obviously, your brakes are pretty important. At Clark's Automotive, Inc in Manassas, VA, we are here to make sure your car, truck, or SUV stops like it should.

Your brake system is made of many components that all have to work correctly for your brakes to operate seamlessly. If one thing needs to be repaired, the whole system is compromised. Brake pads, rotors, hoses, calipers, and metal lines all play a part in stopping your car. Our team is equipped to make sure all of those parts are in working order, so you can be safe on the road ahead. 

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Do I really need new oxygen sensors?

Oxygen Sensor

At Clark's Automotive, Inc in Manassas, VA, our goal is to keep your car, truck, or SUV reliable and in great shape. To us, it’s important that we’re paying attention to both your needs and the needs of your vehicle. When it comes to oxygen sensors, sometimes it seems a bit nebulous on what they actually do and why they’re important; we’re here to clear things up for you.

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Having Issues Pulling Your Load? Stock May Not Be Enough

Torque converter

If you drive a lightweight car, truck, or SUV, the torque converter you have installed is probably just fine. For those of you with more heavy duty applications, like high horsepower setups or towing rigs, the stock converter may not be enough. At Clark's Automotive, Inc in Manassas, VA, we can help with that.

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Honest, local auto shop!

Sarah Cioffi
Customer Review
I have to take a moment to recommend a quality, honest local auto shop because they DESERVE the accolades! Clark’s Automotive in Manassas has fixed my parents’ cars for years, including my dad’s work vehicles...and they saved me THOUSANDS of dollars this week. My not-old Infiniti QX80 (large SUV) has been having A/C problems since I bought it, and I’ve had it in and out of the dealership in Chantilly for repairs. This time, they quoted me $4100 for something that was no longer covered under warranty. When I asked for clarification, they offered to bring the price down to $3700. I called Clark’s and one of the owners walked me through their diagnosis, and quoted me much less...I let the dealership know I was going to take it somewhere else and they tried to negotiate the price with me, but I followed my gut and took it to Clark’s. Long story short, my A/C issue is fixed and blowing cold with no dye leaks for 12 hours. The cost? $292. UNBELIEVABLE that I nearly let the dealership charge me $3800 more than what I ultimately paid with a little research. Here’s to honesty, and if you go to Clark’s, tell Dave you saw my post! 
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